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NEW Specialty Treatment! 

Water Lounge Spa Salt/Milk Bath Massage  $130/Single    $260/Couple


Includes:  2 .5 hours treatment (after the treatment, your skin is like silk.)

1Hour Salt Bath or Herb bath, 1.5-Hour Milk massage With full body exfoliation,

Free Facial mask and hair massage. No chlorine( bath water will be changes after every client.) 

Appointment only! Good for couple about special events, special day, or different date experiences… 


Special Package!


Bundle  Package

1.   $70/person

Includes: ½ hour hot tub + 1 hour body massage

2.   $99/person

Includes:  one hour massage+ one hour facial

3.   $90/person

Includes: 1 hour body massage plus ½ hour reflexology foot massage


Reflexology (Foot Massage)  $38/hour






Day and Night time range  $20/person/hr


Signatured Massage 



A customized, luxurious Swedish-style massage for relaxation that treats your problem areas and releases stress from your muscles. 60 minutes for $60,  90 minutes for $90.


For those days when you need an extra-firm healing touch. The Deep Tissue Massage is a therapeutic massage that chases away all of your tension spots, going deeper into your muscle tissue. 60 minutes for $70, 90 minutes for $100.


This full-body massage incorporates deep stretching and tissue manipulation to ease stiffness and pain in muscles and joints. Particularly useful for restoring mobility, preventing injuries and relieving stress. 60 minutes for $70, 90 minutes for $100.

 • PREGNANCY MASSAGE (Pre & Postpartum)

Take care of your baby by indulging yourself! This gentle and thorough massage is tailored to the special needs of expectant mothers, melting away the aches and pains of pregnancy. 60 minutes for $80, 90 minutes for $110. We do not perform the Pre-Natal Massage on women during their first trimester.


Hot Jade massage bed will warms and relaxes the muscles, and the warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system. 60 minutes for $90, 90 minutes for $120.
Aromatherapy Massage ( ALL KINDS) 60 minutes for $70, 90 minutes for $100.


Some things are best enjoyed together. We have two couples’ treatment rooms where you and your honey can enjoy a Lux Massage together. Includes all the trimmings of our Lux Massage. 60 minutes for $120, 90 minutes $180


Skin Care (FACIALS )

Water Lounge Signature Facial

This is our most popular facial. And it’s no wonder: you’ll leave water lounge spa with glowing, healthy skin that will be the envy of all of your friends. Our multi-step process is carefully customized to your skin type and skin care needs. Includes cleansing, masques, extractions, massage, toning, and intense moisture. 

Basic Facial(普通面部护理)                              

$59/45 minutes           5 times $250            10 times    $450

European Facial(欧式批复护理)                        

$69/75 minutes           5 times $295            10 times    $520

Acne Treatment(暗疮消炎治疗)                         

$69/75 minutes           5 times $295            10 times    $520

Aroma Therapy Facial(香薰舒缓护理)              

$79/75 minutes           5 times $335            10 times    $595

Neck Rejuvenate Treatment(颈部特别护理)     

$45/45 minutes           5 times $200            10 times    $350

Eye Rejuvenate Treatment(眼部特别护理)       

$45/45 minutes           5 times $200            10 times    $350

SPECIAL  Facial Treatment

Glycolic Acid Peel Facial(果酸换肤护理)  

$89 /75 minutes          5 times $380            10 times   $670

Hot Stone Facial  (热石舒缓皮肤护理)        

$89 /75 minutes          5 times $380            10 times   $670

Collagen & Ultrasound Treatment  (骨胶原美白保湿超声波)

$99 /75 minutes          5 times $425            10 times   $750

DNA Whitening Treatment  (DNA活性美白精华祛斑护理)

$119 /90 minutes          5 times $505            10 times   $895

DNA Caviar & Retinol Treatment  (DNA活性鱼子精华润肤护理)

$119 /90 minutes          5 times $505            10 times   $895

ASA Skin Regeneration Treatment (雪肌天然祛斑换肤)

$129 /90 minutes          5 times $548           10 times   $970

Diamond Peel Treatment(钻石磨皮皮肤再生护理)

$129 /90 minutes          5 times $548           10 times   $970

Sea C SPA Rejuvenate Treatment  (海藻胶原维他命综合护理)

$150 /90 minutes          5 times $635           10 times   $1125

Dermo-Corrective Collagen 90-II  (胶原90-ii重组皮下组织护理)

$150/90 minutes          5 times $635          10 times   $1125


Body Treatment

Clinical Back Treatment(专业背部护理)                    $79 /75 minutes      5 times $335        10 times   $595

Diamond Peel Back Treatment(钻石磨皮背部护理)  $99 /90 minutes      5 times $425        10 times   $750



Waxing, Tweezing, Threading

Waxing is a popular method of removing unwanted hair. By removing hair at the root, new hair doesn’t grow back for up to eight weeks. While waxing isn’t one of our most relaxing spa treatments, it certainly helps many of our clients look great and feel more confident.

Our waxing, tweezing, threading and tinting options include:

  • Upper Lip  $8
  • Eyebrow $ 15
  • Brow + Lip  $20
  • Underarm  $15
  • Arm – Full  $30
  • Leg – Full  $50
  • Chin  $12
  • Chest or Back Wax  $50
  • Full Face   $45
  • Bikini  $35